I really want a penpal but no one will be my penpal can you help me?

sure thing! I can’t personally take any more pen pals on, but maybe one of my followers would like another pen pal? :) 


So much awesomeness in one package!! !!!!! Thank you so much welovesnailmail!!!

do you want to be my Pen pal ?

Hi guys, I really want to contribute to the old way of communication (snail mail) , to get to know new people and exchange thoughts and ideas. Lets be friends !

•Name: Jahel | Age: 19 | Location: Texas U.S
•Interests: Film, Nature, Art, Books
•Expectations: (any age, location, gender) I’d like someone who can really just say what’s on their mind and can write a lot, someone who is creative and is willing to exchange art. You’ll get the same from me.
•Fact: Fluent Spanish/English Speaker
•Contact Me: HERE | MAIL

Hi there everybody! 

This feels a little awkward like I am writing a little bio for a dating website - so here goes nothing. 

My name is Leah, second name Parris. My whole name together with my middle is a little odd I guess. I am 18 years old and I am from Scotland - currently still here. I am about to move out for the first time into the big bad world as I am going to University to study Theology and Philosophy. This, I am over the moon about. I enjoy books - classics and everything else in-between really. I’m very down to earth. I am in the process of getting involved in GreenPeace and feminist groups in Scotland with the University. I have a love for poetry and anything I find pretty. I collect craft bits and bobs from all over the place and enjoy sharing stories, especially the funny ones. I’m super into music and I am currently collecting old records. My record player is called Stevie Nicks for a reason! I’m a huge fan of cult and independent movies also. My favourite book (Lolita) happens to be one of my favourite movies also. I do a lot of wandering around Scotland with my boyfriend Max so I collect little post cards and such regularly. 

I am very new to the whole snail mail adventure but it is an adventure I am so excited about. I have one pen pal so far and I am so very looking forward to making all my pen pals pretty letters and giving them little gifts. They may be little sketches or little sweeties - actually who knows what I collect on my wandering around. 

I am really open about who wishes to be my penpal. As long as they are interested in a long term snail mail friendship and are excited about decorated letters. I don’t mind how long or short your letters are - all that matters is that you took the time and I am getting to know you. I am down for any chat topics people have in mind.

Oh sweet baby jesus I have rambled on and on. To cut it here you can contact me on my tumblr:

Or you may email me here:

I really look forward to hearing from you,

I hope you are having a lovely day!

Best wishes - Leah x

Outgoing box and envelope


~ imagine you’re a siren, distracting foolish men with your mystical looks, luring them to their eventual ruin ~

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Nicole ♡

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Where are you from? Your blog is cute! :)

West Virginia in the USA. Thanks! :)

Getting off work early so I’m finally going to get to do some letter writing!!!! Yaaaay!!!