Incoming from anothertheletter! Totally did not disappoint, so artistic and lovely. I love love the colors and thought in this envelope.

I love happy mail.



scenes from where i do my thaaaaang. semi-organized. the stuff i use most often within reach.. filled with things I love from the people i love and stuff that inspires me to be more creative. how many things can you find that you’ve made/sent me? :)

I would love this to write my letters, This table and chair make the whole room. Is it only in one section of the room or a whole room dedicated to it?

Nope, I live in a small apartment so this is also my bedroom and sunroom for my collection of over 80 different types of cacti and succulents! :)


Kia you are so great! 😍

Apologies to my pen pals waiting on a reply from me. I’ve been swamped at work and really busy. I promise I’ll get back to you soon ❤️✉️

✉️ outgoing 🌵


April is Card and Letter Writing Month. Make someone’s day by taking the time to send something heartfelt and handwritten.


Made a BIG batch of collage postcards this weekend.  They were done individually, the old fashioned way (as opposed to masterboard style like I usually do).

from anna ❤️


Received the most amazing snail mail. My dear friend @devincastro sent me a mix cd, a very encouraging letter and some of his beautiful photographs. I really needed to hear those words, krush. I’m so glad we’re friends. xx ps: I love how kind you are. Even in your packaging :) (at Happiest Sunday)


Miniature airmail journals! I’m so excited to write in them and send them to my pen pals, yay! :) I posted them on my storenvy too because there were so many left from valentines day and thought I could share them to others if they’d like :)

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