Typed my reply to Vanessa on vellum with my electric typewriter. Love how it looks! 


Hey! A video! I’ve made 3 more packing tape collage postcards since the first one yesterday - it’s quickly become my new favorite way to use up scraps - and thought I might as well take of video of the process. Here are the steps:

  1. Make a backing sheet using pieces of packing tape. I slightly overlap 3 pieces of packing tape, about 6” in length each. The packing tape I used is the heavier stuff - it cooperates way better than the cheap, super-flimsy stuff.
  2. With the sticky side up, start layering stuff on the backing. Remember that the point is to have a collage showing front and back, so place some pieces face down, use double-sided things, etc. This is a really great technique for things that are usually tricky to glue, like paper doilies, glossy/plastic bits, punch waste and fussy die-cuts. Tips from experience: add some heavy weight pieces of paper to bolster the weight of the postcard (especially around the edges) and use stickers/deco tape to tack layers in place as you go.
  3. Add address labels (and write a note, w/e). DO NOT add postage until AFTER the next step (postage that is covered in tape is void).
  4. Seal the collage by CAREFULLY covering it with more pieces of packing tape, overlapping as in the first step. Burnish the heck out of it to make sure everything is attached nicely and to help push out any air bubbles. Trim the edges all around.
  5. Add postage and mail away!

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This couldn’t be any more freaking perfect.

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My vintage typewriter is a little heavy on the paper, so I got a smaller portable one tonight. Of course, I had to play with it write away and wrote two letters. The letters move on some lines, but I like the whimsy and randomness of it, makes the letters more endearing. Yep, pretty happy with my $10 typewriter. ☺️ #typewriters #typedletters #sendmoremail #snailmailmusthaves #snailmailrevolution #penpals #letters #happymail

I really want a penpal but no one will be my penpal can you help me?

sure thing! I can’t personally take any more pen pals on, but maybe one of my followers would like another pen pal? :) 


So much awesomeness in one package!! !!!!! Thank you so much welovesnailmail!!!

do you want to be my Pen pal ?

Hi guys, I really want to contribute to the old way of communication (snail mail) , to get to know new people and exchange thoughts and ideas. Lets be friends !

•Name: Jahel | Age: 19 | Location: Texas U.S
•Interests: Film, Nature, Art, Books
•Expectations: (any age, location, gender) I’d like someone who can really just say what’s on their mind and can write a lot, someone who is creative and is willing to exchange art. You’ll get the same from me.
•Fact: Fluent Spanish/English Speaker
•Contact Me: HERE | MAIL

Hi there everybody! 

This feels a little awkward like I am writing a little bio for a dating website - so here goes nothing. 

My name is Leah, second name Parris. My whole name together with my middle is a little odd I guess. I am 18 years old and I am from Scotland - currently still here. I am about to move out for the first time into the big bad world as I am going to University to study Theology and Philosophy. This, I am over the moon about. I enjoy books - classics and everything else in-between really. I’m very down to earth. I am in the process of getting involved in GreenPeace and feminist groups in Scotland with the University. I have a love for poetry and anything I find pretty. I collect craft bits and bobs from all over the place and enjoy sharing stories, especially the funny ones. I’m super into music and I am currently collecting old records. My record player is called Stevie Nicks for a reason! I’m a huge fan of cult and independent movies also. My favourite book (Lolita) happens to be one of my favourite movies also. I do a lot of wandering around Scotland with my boyfriend Max so I collect little post cards and such regularly. 

I am very new to the whole snail mail adventure but it is an adventure I am so excited about. I have one pen pal so far and I am so very looking forward to making all my pen pals pretty letters and giving them little gifts. They may be little sketches or little sweeties - actually who knows what I collect on my wandering around. 

I am really open about who wishes to be my penpal. As long as they are interested in a long term snail mail friendship and are excited about decorated letters. I don’t mind how long or short your letters are - all that matters is that you took the time and I am getting to know you. I am down for any chat topics people have in mind.

Oh sweet baby jesus I have rambled on and on. To cut it here you can contact me on my tumblr:

Or you may email me here:

I really look forward to hearing from you,

I hope you are having a lovely day!

Best wishes - Leah x